I am a postdoctoral fellow with the Simons Center for the Social Brain at MIT, working with Dr. Tomer Ullman (Harvard) and Dr. Laura Schulz (MIT). I completed my PhD in Psychology at Stanford University, where I worked with Hyowon Gweon, and a B.A. in Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley. I am broadly interested in how we make decisions with others' goals in mind. In my PhD, I studied the social cognitive mechanisms of prosocial decision-making in early childhood. In my postdoc, I am exploring how humans intuitively understand others' goals and navigate the tensions between their own and others' needs. In particular, I am looking at how one’s own utility affects interpretation of others' goals, leading to misunderstandings, searching for loopholes, rule-bending, and related behavior. I use behavioral experiments with children and adults, as well as computational models to gain traction on these questions.


  • Cognitive Science, BA, 2011

    University of California, Berkeley

  • Psychology, PhD, 2020

    Stanford University